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1. Privacy Notices & Cookies Policy 

Here at The Secret Wealth Project, we are 100% committed to protecting your data and your privacy. This is why maintaining your trust whilst visiting our website and reading our newsletter’s are of utmost importance to us. 


Your email and personal information is safe with us but just incase our word isn’t enough, we have included lots information about when and why we collect your data, what we will be doing with it and how we are dedicated to keeping it safe and secure.


Please note that you are always entitled to gain access to your personal information. If you wish to do this contact our GDPR Officer Hollie at



2. Whilst Visiting Our Website

When you visit our site we use both Cookies (see no.3) and Google Analytics which is a third party service, we use this to track the amount of visitors we have to different parts of our website. 


This will help us understand our visitors and their behaviour whilst on our site so that we are able to give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t! 


We are not able to find the identity of any person through this process nor would we attempt to find this information out.


If at any point we were to collect identifiable information about you, we will let you know why and our intensions.



3. What Are Cookies & Why Are They Necessary?

Cookies are small pieces of code designed to store pieces of data. For example, they remember things like your name or email address that have been previously entered into forms it will remember these things whether you are logged in or not, this is because they are stored on your own user device such as your laptop, phone or tablet. 


The cookies help us as a business understand where you came from and how you found us whilst browsing the internet. 

If you would like more information on cookies please visit:

If you would like to learn how to delete/control how cookies are used on your devices please visit:

3.1 - What Kind Of Cookies Do We Use?


Strictly Necessary Cookies - These cookies are required to enable you to navigate around the site, use the sites features and return to previous pages you have already visited.


Performance Cookies - These types of cookies track where you have been on the site, how many times you have been there and how you choose to navigate around the site. It helps us understand how the site works best and to ensure you are finding exactly what you are searching for. The data is 100% anonymised - this means that we are not able to individually identify you. 


Functionality Cookies - These cookies allow us to personalise your experience whilst using our site by remembering choices you have previously made for example your username, which language you have chosen or even the reign you are in. By using this website you are agreeing for us to put these kinds of cookies on your device and they will stay there until your cookies are cleared. 


Retargeting Cookies - We use these kinds of cookies to show you more of what we think you will like. They collect data about your browsing habits which allows us to serve up the most relevant advertisement for you! 


Third Party Cookies - These cookies maybe used if you share things to facebook, twitter or pinterest for example. We are not able to use or see these cookies equally these platforms are not able to access our cookies. We cannot control these cookies so please make sure that you check the information about their individual use of cookies.



3.2 - How long are cookies stored for?


Session Cookies - These cookies begin when you open your browser and end when you close your browser. They are temporarily created and then deleted once you have finished browsing.


Permanent/Persistent Cookies - These cookies are stored for longer than the session cookies. They only reactivate when you return to the same site and are stored until their expiration date.

4. What About Our Mailing List?

When you subscribe to our mailing list we collect some of your personal information we do this for a few reasons - to let you know of new and upcoming information, send you a few motivation emails (we all need them sometimes), to get in touch with you if we need any additional information from you and also to keep you up to date with all the things you have asked us to keep you informed about! 


When we send these emails to you we are using a third party service called AWeber to deliver them to you, within AWeber we track things like our email open rate to see whether you are still interested in what we have to say! If want to review AWeber's privacy notice please click here


You are able to unsubscribe to our emails at anytime just scroll to the bottom of one of our emails and find the unsubscribe button! Alternatively you can contact our GDPR officer Hollie at 



5. Does Our Privacy Notice Continue To Sites We Have Linked To? 

 No, our privacy notice does not stand for any sites that we may link to with Make sure to check privacy notices and cookie policies within each individual site. We are only able to control what we do with our own. 



Thank you for reading I hope you feel more informed about the way we use our site. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our GDPR Officer Hollie at 

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