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Shopify - The Next Step To Success

With Jay Crossingham

Shopify Advanced Course Structure

Week 1

• Professionalisation | How to make your site look and feel professional, giving the customer much more confidence in purchasing from you. We will make it much more dynamic and easier to navigate around. If you don't get this part right, everything else we do is a waste of time, so we will get this nailed down.

• This module also includes some basic SEO to help your listings rank higher in Google searches and generate FREE traffic.


Week 2

• Facebook Adverts | How to write great advert copy and advert creative. (Ad text and images)

• How to reduce CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) and do better with targeting.

• How to test multiple products using a loop system that takes out the guess work completely and shows you what products are great and which products to drop.

• Preparing to scale, because preparation is needed when you are about to take a lot of money.

• Scaling, how to scale products properly. It's not just a case of throwing lots of money at advertising, it needs to be done carefully or you can do more damage than good.

• Lookalike Audiences, how to get the most out of LAA's. There are a few really important tips and tricks that people don't seem to use that can really maximise your engagement.


Week 3

• Instagram Adverts & Snapchat Adverts | How to best execute both and achieve really incredibly low CPC (cost per click) on Snapchat.


Week 4

• Google AdWords | How to find the best keywords to target.

• How to set out your adverts

• And also how to predict your profit before you even run your advert!


Week 5

• Reddit Adverts | See how you can generate traffic with a CPM of around 0.20p/0.15c!

• High Ticket, High Profit Items | I will show you how you can find high ticket items in any niche and possibly even customise them with your own logos, a bit like private label, but still drop-shipping. This is where you can make $1,000's per week.

Week 6

• Bonus module | Learn how to create an advert on a massively under-utilised platform, that will spread like a virus, snowballing larger and larger for as long as you leave it, generating more and more free traffic. This method is just not being used by anyone right now so cost per clicks are low, click through rates are high and this is FREE!

Option 1

- Full Advanced Shopify Training Course 


Option 2 

- Full Advanced Shopify Training Course 
- THOROUGH Critique of your own Shopify store By Jay!



Already bought the course but wish you'd have bought the critique too?

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