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Information Products Are DEAD In 2018!?


What I want to talk to you about is, you guys know that I've got an info products webinar coming up Thursday, 15th of February 2018. 
A few people have been asking for the link of the replay, don't worry it hasn't happened.
 You've not missed out, but I thought I wanted to look around at what people are saying about info products nowadays. 

I don't follow gurus, I don't really watch what anybody is doing and I don't learn on the traditional routes.

So, if you think these big names, I do know a load of them but I don't follow what they do, I don't really know what they've taught and what they haven't taught. I don't know what's there in the real world or anything like that, so much of what I talk about is 9 times out 10 just from me. 

It's not usually something I've looked at and then kinda brought from somewhere else. Usually, it's just off of my experience or whatever. Be it right or wrong or whatever. 

But I thought I'd have a little look around and do some YouTube research. I watched one video and it was this guy, he was about the death of information products and I thought that's interesting. 

I mean obviously people say things like that to market stuff, I get that. 

Anyway I watched his video and he was really really anti-information products and clearly he done big money in the past and stuff, but then I just think to myself like "really?", he was saying that information products are dead, he was saying someone had gone from 500 in attendance to 300 in attendance and 100 attendance and nobody and he was saying info products used to make millions and millions and they didn't make millions and millions anymore. 

But, I just think to myself, you clearly moved on from info products and you're clearly not interested and you're not very good at marketing them or something else beyond what he's actually saying because when we actually see the facts of it, they're not dying and it's quite the opposite they're going from strength to strength. 

What's happening is information explosion


You can get free videos, you can go to YouTube and get free stuff, or you can go to marketplaces like udemy and pay 10 dollars for a course and things like that. 

So, from that point of view, if you're looking at the bottom end of the market kind of how do I take photos of my dog kind of info products, then yeah to a certain extent a lot of the information has become commoditized, but it's like everything, you won't pay any old random person to teach you a subject, you wanna pay somebody knows what they're talking about to teach you that subject. 

The key is not in the information product, it's in the positioning of the expert or the person selling the information product. 

It's probably more about selling, if you want to sell something to more than 10 dollars or more than a free video on YouTube, it's more than the selling part of the equation. 

You’ve got to learn how to position yourself and how to sell yourself effectively. 

Info products have not gone anywhere and they are most certainly not dead, if anything info products have gone from strength to strength. 
Let me just give you one example okay, many of you guys come from an e-com background, Amazing Selling Machine a course, created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback is a very high priced Amazon private labelled course. 
I actually did that course myself and I think I can't remember what I paid for, I don't know if it was $4000, $3000, $5000 or something like that. It was an 8-week course and I think it was an 8 week delivered online course and it was something like five grand. 

I bought that. Five grand. I bought it. 

Five thousand dollars, this was not a ride a camel down Dubai beach for a week and we'll go on safaris through the jungle and teach you everything I know. 
This was an info product, this was just an info product that sold to literally thousands of people when I did it, thousands of people before and thousands of people after.
The reason why I mentioned Amazing Selling Machine, is because it's probably an info product you've heard of because it was big, as far as I'm aware it's the biggest selling information selling course ever in the history of mankind. 
Don't think I'm starting to pitch Amazing Selling Machine. I don't like the Amazon private labelled business anymore, I think once upon a time it was a great. I'm not a fan anymore. 
This is not what it is.
This is more of the info product behind that business, now I mean when I tell you the amount of money that they announced they took from that course and I think this was like a launch or two ago, but don't quote me on this, this is just off the top of my head. 
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